Full Blood Examination Testing Course

Understand and interpret each of the biomarkers measured in a Full Blood Examination (FBE) Test.
  • CPE Accredited

    Certificate on Completion
  • 15 hours

    Course duration

    Full Blood Examination Testing: What can blood cells levels tell you about patient health?

    In this course you will learn how to understand and interpret Full Blood Examination (FBE) testing in clinical practice.  We take you through how to understand and interpret each of the biomarkers used in this test plus how they all link together.  You will learn how different conditions present and what to look for when assessing results.  You will also learn how this test is performed and how to communicate with your testing laboratory if there should be any problems with patient results.

    Specifics covered in the course:

    • Why  FBE testing is useful to integrative practitioners
    • Standard Biomarkers and terms
    • Haemoglobin/Red Blood Cells
    • Haematocrit
    • Red Cell Indices
    • White Blood Cell Count
    • White Blood Cell Differentiation (the five WBC tested as part of an FBE)
    • Platelet Count
    • Reticulocytes
    • Blood Firm Examination/Blood Smear

    You will also do tutorials where you will go through Case Studies that present with different issues and conditions where FBE is useful.  You'll also have access to lots of other resources and a quiz to help your learning.  You'll also be supported every step of the way by your lecturer, and you will have access to the FBE discussion forum where you can ask questions and interact with other students in the course.

    Jasmine King

    Jasmine is an experienced practitioner and pathology testing consultant with over a decade of experience in the health industry.  Jasmine has spent many years teaching health students and practitioners about the use of pathology testing in clinical practice.  Jasmine has given talks on pathology testing and integrative health at health and medical conferences around Australia.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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