Helicobacter pylori Testing Course

This course looks at the reasons behind the significance of Helicobacter pylori infection and how it affects the health of our patients.
The course looks at the testing available to integrative practitioners and how it can benefit patients.

Helicobacter pylori Testing: How can detecting H. pylori affect patient health?

In this course you will learn about the different types of Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori) Testing.  How to decide which form of testing is best for your client.  How to understand understanding clinical presentation, and how to interpret results.

Topics covered in this module include:

  • H. pylori breath testing
  • H. pylori stool antigen testing
  • H. pylori antigen blood testing

Jasmine King

Jasmine is an experienced practitioner and pathology testing consultant with over a decade of experience in the health industry.  Jasmine has spent many years teaching health students and practitioners about the use of pathology testing in clinical practice.  Jasmine has given talks on pathology testing and integrative health at health and medical conferences around Australia.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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