Thyroid Biomarker Testing
On-demand Webinar

Thyroid health is a huge concern to the Australian populace, and more than ever, patients are relying on natural therapies to support their treatment. As a practitioner it’s important to be able to interpret and understand thyroid testing biomarkers for your patient.

In this webinar, Jasmine will teach you how to better understand:
  • Thyroid Hormones including TSH, T4, T3.
  • Antibody testing including Thyroid peroxidase Antibodies, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, and Thyroid Receptor Antibodies.
  • Specialist testing for reverse T3.

This webinar will help you feel comfortable understanding how these thyroid biomarkers fit together and how they paint a picture of what is going on for your patient’s systemic health, and improve treatment outcomes for your patients suffering with thyroid conditions.
  • CPE Accredited

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  • 1 hour

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